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Come to a Story Bees session and let me know what you think!

"I’ve just been going through my son’s school book and every week I’ve documented all the activities we’ve done for Story Bees. I just wanted to say a big thank you and to let you know how important your sessions and activities have been to us as a family the past 12 weeks. It’s been really challenging to help a 3 and a 7-year-old learn together and your themes each week have given me a structure and ideas without me being overwhelmed. Looking at the photos just now the activities we’ve done together (we’ve done nearly all of them!) are some of our happiest memories during this very strange time."


"Maddie's stories and story based activities are brilliant for young children. We have watched all her online sessions and her wonderful, creative activities have been such fun for me to do with my girls. Her activities are varied, educational, simple and fun. Thanks so much Maddie for your hard work." 


"I signed up to Story Bees last term for my toddler but actually my older kids (7 & 10) enjoy it just as much too. Story Bees gives us a real highlight to each weekend. Frankly, its the best 25 quid I've spent in lockdown! It's a bit of escapism and has been really good for my mental health too- there's something about the familiarity and wholesome activities which let everyone escape! There's a really nice community of families sharing what they've got up to and it's lovely seeing what everyone else has created (even if ours are shambolic, or we haven't caught up yet!) Being able to access the sessions any time so that we can catch up under our own steam is ace too. I really REALLY hope that when 'all this weirdness' is over, my kids will remember getting lost in a new story, wafting around creatively in minty rice, exploring cornflour gloop, blasting off in their cardboard rocket and painting with pine cones... rather than the time when strangers had to cover their smiles with masks, mummy frowned at the news and we used a lot of soap. Story Bees has given us SO much. I've no idea how Maddie comes up with the ideas but they always make me smile!"




"We have absolutely loved your sessions each week and really appreciate all the work you've put into them. They've given us loads of ideas and things to keep us busy." 



"Thanks so much for keeping going during lockdown Maddie and for doing such a fab job. We've all looked forward to your sessions every Monday and they've definitely made lockdown more bearable!"


"I've really enjoyed Story Bees, it's a perfect mix of stories and fun and the activities are different each week. It's helped me to get better at reading with my daughter too. It's definitely our favourite class!"


"Story bees is a huge hit in our house... so much thought goes into the activities and they keep us entertained all week. It has introduced us to new stories as well as letting us enjoy revisiting old favourites"


"Story Bees has saved my Monday yet again. I was feeling pretty blue today but Whatever Next turned it round for me as the kids loved the activities so much. Thank you for keeping me sane today!"


"My 4yr old has loved what you do which has been a great help whilst homeschooling her 10yr old sister so thank you so very much."


"Thank you so much for your amazing story sessions Maddie! They have really saved us during lockdown. The girls have loved them and it has inspired me with ideas for home education and fun activities! Amazing work."



"Thank you so much Maddie. I don't think you realise what a saviour you have been over these tough months ❤️."


"Thank you so much to Maddie for the first ever Story Bees session today! The boys loved it all and had great fun exploring all the activities. It was the perfect combination of stories and playing, with plenty of time to try everything - topped off with a healthy snack for the kids and tea and biscuits for the adults. Can't wait for next week! P.s. Isaac said he liked it 20,000 to the moon, which I think is a good thing!"                                       


"I bring both my kids every week who are 2 and 4 and both love it! Fabulous story reading by Maddie and the activities are great. Each week is different as the activities are all related to the story. I would definitely recommend!"


"This is a brilliant group. Wonderful, engaging story-telling with the most creative sensory activities. Everything is presented to the highest standard and there is a lovely, friendly atmosphere too."


"Story Bees is a wonderful, inventive story and sensory class, which my toddler fully enjoys. Maddie brings the story of the week to life with fabulous sensory activities. The activities are as much fun for the adults as for the kids; they are educational and fun! A high-quality experience with music, stories and explorative play. Highly recommend!"


"My girls and I absolutely love this group. It’s the perfect mix of storytelling, singing, messy/creative play and even a quiet sit down with a snack and cup of tea to recover at the end (my favourite bit). It’s so nice to find a group that caters so well for both a baby and a toddler, not an easy task."


"When Alice woke up from her nap today: “I love Story Bees mummy”!"


"This is a brilliant group. Maddie who runs the group is fabulous! Each week she enthusiastically reads the children a story with props which they love then we sing or play a game. Then after the activities she sets up are brilliant! Lots of sensory and messy things for babies up to pre school age. The children love it, I would highly recommend to anyone."


"My child absolutely loves our Monday morning sessions with Maddie and her Story Bees 🐝 . Maddie is so engaging and enthusiastic about every book she reads my child is literally transfixed!  The sessions are really fun and lively with LOTS of audience participation. And the activities for the children each week are so beautiful simple yet educational and challenging. We love it. Well done Maddie. Such a positive thing for our little village and little ones." 


"Excellent story telling and activities are fantastic!"


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